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推薦展會  EVENT  Interpack 2017 德國杜賽道夫國際包裝及食品加工設備展
日       期  DATE  2017 05.40 ~ 05.10

展位編號 合作夥伴 展出內容
Booth Number Our Partner Exhibits
Hall 01 / B22  德國布魯諾模具公司
 Hans Brunner GmbH
- Chocolate moulds
- High precision industrial parts
- Professional ice cream scoops
- Innovative plastic baking tins
Hall 03 / C24  荷蘭巧克力研磨科技
 Caotech B.V.

PG 6000 Beater blade mill is used for the pre-grinding of high fat content seeds and nuts e. g. cocoa nibs and/or hazelnuts. Maximum capacity of this mill is 6.000 kg/hr depending upon type and pre-treatment of cocoa nibs, seeds and nuts.

CAO 4000 ball mill is used for the intermediate and fine grinding of cocoa liquor. Maximum capacity of this ball mill is 4.000 kg/hr depending upon fineness of the cocoa liquor.

CAO B3000-CHOC DUO is developed for heat and wear sensitive masses, specially designed for the batch wise mixing / weighing and fine grinding of chocolate, compound and coatings. Capacities of 1.000 kg/hr with average in going fineness (crystal sugar) of 1,2mm and end fineness of 25 micron, may be expected. Fineness’s of even 18 micron can be achieved.

Hall 01 / B17  法國多膜靈公司

IDA 3002CV - The biggest and fastest chocolate equipment available on the market, is able to do chocolate coating, then polish and varnish in the same batch. Nominal output is 3 tons finished products per batch, every 2 to 3 hours.

IDA 3002X - The biggest and fastest technology in sugar and sugar free coating, for fast and efficient drying, thus reducing the process time. Nominal output is 3 tons finished products per batch, every 4 to 6 hours.

LOGIC - Our smallest automatic machine, with 250kg finished products per batch. This model will be exhibited in chocolate coating and polishing version, but it is also available for sugar + sugar-free coating, or in a flexible and universal model.

MANUAL/LAB MODELS will also be on display, as a reminder of Dumoulin long-term expertise in coating technology.

Hall 01 / B23  澳洲捷徑機械有限公司  Fast Track Engineering Pty. Ltd.

High performance starch moulding systems for 35 tray/min. including all related apparatus and technologies covering center filling, drying, oiling, sugar sanding, continuous drying room.

On the booth :
Stainless Steel Double Depositor featuring the Universal Pump alongside our Stainless Steel Jumbo Sugar Sander.

Hall 03 / C17  瑞士科諾博公司  Knobel Confiseriemaschinen AG

Leader in engineering and supply of fine chocolate moulding plants using 3-D decoration, One-Shot and Cold Press technologies etc. containing 3-D chocolate depositors, Nut-Depositors, Artisan Depositor Omega Series, multi-function vibration tables, Hi-Flex robotic system based on leaner-servo technology.

KCM Alpha CAD Nut-i Hybrid
Piston left: No: 18 Type: Standard 22.5
Piston right: No: 18/9/4 Type: Nut 22.5/45/90
Movement head: Z: 150mm, X: 300mm, Y: 300mm

Vibration Table 1500
Plate Vibration: 1. magnetic 2. motor-driven
Side Vibration: magnetic high frequency vibration

Mould size: 380x295 Pressing head: 2

Rim Cutter Type: Hi-Flex
Belt Type: easy clean string belt

KCM Alpha Compact
Piston left: No: 9 Type: Standard 35
Piston right: No: 9 Type: Standard 35
Movement head: Z: 150mm

Vibration Table 1000
Plate Vibration: 1. motor-driven
Side Vibration: pneumatic

Spinner Type: Omega
Arms: 2x6, Max. 24 Moulds

Hall 03 / F25  荷蘭威戈食品科技
 Wiegers Process Innovation Provides tailor engineered solutions for the Baking, Confectionary and Dairy industry far as tempering and aeration being concerned. WPI has many years’ experience in the field of equipment manufacturing, industrial automation and tempering systems.
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